Typical Cross Country to Daytona for the day

Wake up and check the weather, NOTAMS and TFRs. You don’t want to be flying over the president if he is visiting the Palm Beaches. Weathers good the airspace is clear.
Pack a bottle of water to say hydrated, sunglasses, sun block and a hat..
Meet at the airplane at 9 am, preflight, kick the tires and gas up. Leave Palm Beach Park airport at 9:30 heading east to the beach.

Your at 500 feet over the beach heading north. The day is beautiful. Boats are speeding up the intracoastal. Beach goers are walking the beach. The sky is a light blue and the water a glistening mufti colored cobalt blue. The white sand boarders the land and your about even with the top of the condos. The vents are open and plenty of air is circulating the cabin. You view almost blows you away with vast patches of green grass and trees on the left and blue water on the right.

Palm Beach approach port clears you to pass though their airspace along the beach. 10 mins later you are clear of their airspace and you bring it up to 2500 feet. The view gets longer and the air gets cooler. A few more calls to airports along the beach to clear their airspace and 30 mins later you are talking with Daytona approach. You get the clear to land and in you go.

You pull up to the local FBO and line man is there waiting for you. He signals where to park and chalks the wheels for you. Pulling up to an FBO in your plane is like going to your favorite restaurant in a Ferrari. Everyone is at your service. Inside the FBO you are greeted by well dressed attendants and they ask you if you would like a curtsey car. You take the keys and make arrangements to get the plane refueled while you are away.

A short drive and you are sitting at a nice restaurant with a view of the ocean. The energy is still flowing from the excitement of the flight. The day is great the food is good. After lunch you hop back in the car and back to the airport. The plane is topped off. You keep the receipt because the place you rented the plane from will reimburse you for the gas you paid for.

You preflight the plane again and hop in. A call to the tower clears you for take off and up and away you go. A turn to the West, because this time you want to go inland. You head up to 1000 feet and turn South. You are looking everywhere tying to recognize roads and towns, but the two moving map GPSs in the plane make it impossible to get lost. Off to your right is Lake Okeechobee with plenty of ground below you and the beach to your left. You recognize a few places and maybe fly over your home or the local mall. Soon you are talking to Palm Beach Park again and getting ready to land. At Palm Beach Park you have 6 choices of runway so even if it’s a little windy chances are you can land directly into the wind making a soft touchdown.

Taxi over to the tie down and fasten her down. Note the hobs meter so you know how long you had the plane and back to the office. Everyone is smiling and it is only early afternoon. Plenty of time left for a dip in the pool. Heading back to the car you look over your shoulder and get a glimpse of the plane. Was it a dream or were you really flying?

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Typical Cross Country to Daytona for the day Picture

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