The Gift

Bill has gone off to work and Kathy is sitting at the kitchen table sipping her second cup of coffee. She is trying to read the paper, but can’t seem to focus on anything. Something is bothering Kathy. She sees an add for watches and suddenly remembers. Bill’s birthday is coming up. Last year Bill splurged for a short cruise and made Kathy very happy. Now she wants to do something special for Bill, but can’t think of what to do. Kathy gets dressed and heads for the mall.

It’s now 3pm and Kathy has a nice pair of sunglasses for Bill. She is heading home and tired from walking the length of the mall three times. Kathy stops in at the local grocery to pick up a few things for dinner. While there, she bumps into Bills friend Peter. Peter lives over in the ritzy section of town. Kathy and Bill do all right, but like most Americans strive for a better life style. Peter is friendly and Kathy chats with him for a while. Kathy mentions Bills birthday coming up and Peter says “Hey, Bill has always wanted to fly and now there is a new class of license and airplane that makes getting your license and flying much less expensive than before. The local flight school has a new light sport aircraft and it is beautiful.” Kathy says. About how much would that be for Bill to get his license? Peters say about $3000 and less than a month’s time. Katy's heart skips a beat. She composes herself and asks if she can call him tomorrow for details. He agrees and they part.

By late morning the next day Kathy has check her finances and excited about getting more information from Peter. Peter fills her in on all the details of being a Sport Pilot. Unlimited distance, small noncomplex airplanes and only one passenger, no flying at night and not in bad weather. Peter also fills her in as to the convenience and opportunities of being a sport pilot. Afternoon flights to the keys and the Bahamas. Bill likes auto racing and frequents Sebring and Daytona once a year. Flying there would make the event twice the fun. Disney would only be an hour away instead of the 3 hour drive. Kathy contacts the local flight school and pays for the 20 hours of flight time and a starter kit with books. She gets a print out of what she paid for and a brochure on Sport Pilot. She puts the receipt and brochure in a big card and surprises Bill over breakfast with her gift.

At first Bill is in disbelief. Bill has always had an interest in flying, but never wanted to make the huge commitment of money and time for a Private Pilot license. Kathy explains what Peter had told her about the new Sport Pilot license and Bill is sold. Kathy’s heart swells up as she witnesses Bill’s joy. Bill just can’t get the grin off his face.

By the end of the year both Bill and Kathy have earned their Sport Pilot license. Sometimes Bill gets off early on a Friday afternoon and they head out to the airport for a short trip to their favorite place is the keys. The arrive about 6pm, have dinner and drinks and spend the night. The following afternoon they head home. Sometimes they fly over Peter's house and wave their wings to him while he’s cutting the grass.

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