Things Couldn't be Much Better…

I read about the folks who have taken up arms to keep my way of life safe and sometimes I read they are beheaded. Then the next day turn on the radio and someone is talking about how our soldiers are to humiliate the terrorists. I find this saddens me that some Americans just don’t have a clue about life. It saddens me when I park at the local Publix and getting out of the car I hear the booming car stereo. Rap is blasting for hundreds of feet saying things like mother FUXXXXX. Everybody just acts normal in the middle of this offensive behavior.

It saddens me that most young woman dress like prostitutes. Where has self worth gone? 
Women were the beautiful feminine mysterious creatures who make men feel whole?
Are women now just tits and ass? Why do mothers wonder why old men stare at their 13 year old daughters?

Why is it so difficult to eat out and have a light nutritious meal in this country. Why does the waiter bring me a huge plate fill 3 inches high with bad food. Is that much more difficult to make a “good” nutritious meal?

I stopped in a bar the other night and asked the barmaid if she had any pilsner beers. She didn’t know what that was. My stomach was a little upset so I asked for soda water and bitters, but she didn’t what that was either. She then offered me a Mic Ultra. Not knowing what that was I asked if it was made by Bud. She said no, but this was a Michelob Ultralight by Budweiser.

I went to a deli today and asked for a turkey sandwich on a Kaiser roll. No one in the deli knew was a Kaiser roll was.

I was bowling not long ago and in the lane next to me was a young man with his pants falling down. You’ve seen the type. They think they are cool or something. He couldn’t bowl properly because he had to keep holding up his pants. Is it now cool to totally handicap yourself by not wearing a belt?

I walked into a fast food restaurant  the other day. There were two young men in front of me. One was leaning over the counter and his pants where hanging down past he butt which was kind of sticking up in the air. He was tall. His jeans were not so clean looking so I assumed his underwear was filthy as well. This almost made me sick. I told him so. I think and his friend considers ME crazy. I just can’t imagine how walking into a restaurant and sticking you dirty as up in the air in public is now a cool thing to do.

I brought my overheating car to the auto mechanic to be repaired. I brought my wife’s cart to the same mechanic to have an alignment. I brought me wife’s car to the same mechanic to have automatic transmission stick. I gets stuck in park and can’t be driven. I brought my wife’s cat to the same mechanic to have a squeaky engine fixed. 
To this day I have to turn the heat on when it is hot so my car doesn’t overheat. 
I have to steer my wife’s car to the right to go straight. When in park the engine squeaks. I keep a screw driver in a hole next to the stick shift so when it sticks I can free it up.

I took three years to get a quote from the local natural gas company to hook me up. I met with management and told them 4 families on my block what natural gas. They said they would have a quote for us in two weeks. That was six months ago. Two weeks ago they called and said it would be about $4000 and they were sending me the quote. I received it last week. The quote was $4999.

My wife got her first job all by her self. She is very proud of the fact. She works 65 hours a week and we no longer have much of a relationship. I eat three meals daily by myself. I pay another woman to clean the house. I do most of the shopping and because she gets home every night around 10pm my intimacy with her has gone by the wayside. She makes $3 dollar an hour and won’t quit.

I travel have traveled to other countries. 
If you are over seas and near a line/que stand around for a while and see if you can pick out the American. It is very easy. Just look for the poorly dressed people. 
In China it is hard to find a unhealthy meal.. You will never see a woman not wearing a bra, showing her butt or cleavage, nor looking tarty. 
There was this Chinese woman actress that was very popular. She moved to Hollywood and made a movie with a nude seen. She has been ostracized for it by the Chinese.

In light of all this I am truly blessed to have all that I do. I am so thankful to be alive in the time that I am. I would write about all the good in my life, but I just don’t have the energy to do so tonight. So just trust me. Except for these few things that are a thorn in my side life is great and I am thankful.

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Saturday,03 September 2016

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