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Paul V. H. Hill

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
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The Gift Picture

June 04, 2016

Bill has gone off to work and Kathy is sitting at the kitchen table sipping her second cup of coffee. She is trying to read the paper, but can’t seem to focus on anything. Something is bothering Kathy. She sees an add for watches and suddenly rememb
Typical Cross Country to Daytona for the day Picture

June 04, 2016

Wake up and check the weather, NOTAMS and TFRs. You don’t want to be flying over the president if he is visiting the Palm Beaches. Weathers good the airspace is clear. Pack a bottle of water to say hydrated..
Lake Worth Restaurants Picture

June 22, 2016

You can find some fabulous restaurants in Lake Worth. Small ethnic restaurants are popping up all the time and are worth trying. Satios (sushi, sushi, sushi and Tai food) down town Lucerne Never ever had better sushi. Been going there for years and always
Junk Picture

August 02, 2016

Things Couldn't be Much Better… I read about the folks who have taken up arms to keep my way of life safe and sometimes I read they are beheaded. Then the next day turn on the radio and someone is talking about how our soldier

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